Bespoke furniture

We create bathrooms with personality, and during the process we look at countless possible combinations until we find the perfect design which reflects the chosen ambience and satisfies the most exquisite tastes. We think up, design and develop ideas which improve the lives of our users, always with a special attention to quality and a personalised approach focused on the most tailored and optimal design which satisfies our most demanding customers.

The furniture and spaces which are most sought after are those which best exploit the storage capacity of the bathroom. Therefore, we work with the aim of developing new design concepts in which space and distribution are the differential value.



Bespoke furniture

We like to anticipate the needs of our customers, being aware that the first step towards meeting their expectations is to be clear on what they need. Quality does not come by chance, rather as a result of observation, work and careful attention to detail.

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With KYRYA you are able to personalize your bathroom furniture to the maximum. You can choose the structure, opening systems and many combinations of finishes, resulting in furniture which is functional, personal and unique.