At Kyrya we are at the cutting-edge of the technology in terms of material and processes, always looking to facilitate the use of the new materials.  

Our own Solid Surface

Durian® is a registered trademark of solid surface that has all the required quality certificates. The primary component is a mineral (Alumina Trihydrate) which is mixed with a low percentage of resins so our product can be mould-injected to achieve the shapes required. It presents in neutral white, its natural colour, and is pleasing to the touch – similar to the compact mineral. It is very durable, highly resistant to impacts and allows for the creation of spaces without visible seams. It is homogeneous and solid throughout.

Durian® represents the personality, elegance and creativity of materials which make any type of design a possibility.

Fenix® finishing – Supermatte Nanotechnology

Fenix® is a super-matte nano-technological material for interior design which combines elegant aesthetic solutions with cutting edge technological features.

It is an innovative material created for interior design by Arpa Industrial and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

The outer surface of Fenix® is achieved through the use of nano-technology and is characterised by the use of acrylic resins.

These are hardened and set by means of Electron Beam Curing, which has opened up a previously unexplored path in interior design.

Reflecting back very little light, its surface is ultra-matte and fingerprint-proof, plus pleasant and soft to the touch.

As a result of nano-technology, Fenix® can regenerate following micro-scratches on the surface through a thermal repair process, as its very name suggests.

Nanotech matt material for interior design. Made in Italy.

See Fenix® finishes

Other technologies to make your life easier

Soft and silence runners

We adapt in our drawers the G*GRASS runners, synchronised runners with soft and silent movement. Doing so we get a drawer that requires a minimum opening effort, ideal for fronts with notches. These runners offer soft closing and guarantee 60,000 opening and closing cycles. In addition to that, the runners are finished with epoxi double layer painting in a Champagne finish, offering maximum protection against rust and external agents.